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Beautiful Monster by ArgothiaAndKhaos Beautiful Monster by ArgothiaAndKhaos
"let's go, have you stepped to the edge, stared into the sea from the foot of your bed?
have you woke in a dream to sleep through the meaning and mean everything you said?
you will be satisfied as well..."
-Rishloo (Katsushika)

Argothia: Momo! :aww:. (btw, he's wearing a mask)
:lol: This is Momus, one of my favorite of my characters ever, he is named after and based on The Greek God of Mockery, Blame, Unfair Criticism, Writing and Poetry. This Character sort of came about because one day, about a year ago, I was researching Greek Mythology (as I often do) at that point in time I was pretty interested in the primordial gods (Chronos, Gaia, Nyx, etc) and I happened across the wikipedia site for this guy. The minute I read that he was often depicted as lifting a mask off his face, I knew I had to draw my interpretation of this guy. Momus the character, developed out of that interpretation and I even created a story where he is that god (in a roundabout way).


Name:Momus Azeban
Aliases: Momo, That Freaky Masked Guy.
Age: ??? (varies from story to story)
Species: Immortal (also varies)
Hair: Brown/Blond
Eyes:- (they were purple . . . once)
Stats: 5.8, ???, ambidextrous
Disorders: ???
Nationality: Greek (Varies)
Religion: Somewhat agnostic
Skills: Hand to hand combat, Criticizing Everything
Trained By: Zeus and Hades
Date of Birth:???
Theme Song: Katsushika-Rishloo
Likes:Playing pranks on everyone (especially Hephaestus), Animals, peace and quiet, being left alone.
Dislikes: People (just in general, there are a few people he likes but for the most part he just tolerates them), when someone asks about why he wears a mask, taking off his mask, and Nyx and Erebus (his parents).
Fears: Erebus to some extent.
History: (this varies from story to story as well so here I'll just give you his history from my story Immortalis, for the record this story features a lot of characters named after Greek gods and heroes, but they are not actually those gods or even representations of those gods (and never claim to be) just creatures that look human and are immortal (though their personalities are based on the things each of them represented)
Momus was Nyx and Erebus's second child, and was not well treated. Erebus was not in a stable frame of mind and his moods often swung from one extreme to the other in a matter of moments. Nyx was still getting over the loss of her first son (Moros, who was twenty years Momus's elder, but he died, when Momus was just a baby, to protect his little brother) and was very cold to Momus. Erebus and Momus often argued (an embarrassing fact for Erebus since Momus was a ten year old at the time :paranoid: in Erebus's defense though Momo was a FREAKISHLY smart kid). One day those arguments got out of hand and Momus lost his eyes because of it (I mean really lost them, they're gone, his eyes are just empty sockets). Nyx, promptly, having convinced herself that Momus was under the control of a creature known simply as a Parasite, took Momus out to the wilderness and abandon the injured boy in a cave.
Luckily for Momus Zeus, Hades, Hera, and Aphrodite happened to be in the area dealing with a monster that had been threatening Olympus (a city in this story) for sometime. They found Momus and saved his life. That action, though, caused a dispute between Zeus and Ouranos (Zeus's Grandfather who was also good friends with Nyx and Erebus and just as paranoid about the Parasite as Nyx) fortunately, young as Zeus was at the time he stood his ground and refused to leave Momus to die.
So Momus eventually came to live in Olympus with Zeus.
He became a nuisance from the get go, immediately not getting along with anyone except Zeus, Hades, and Aphrodite.
Personality: Critical of everything and very sarcastic, Momus isn't the type of guy you get along with right away. He's a prankster and loves to use ingenious schemes to get back at people or just mess with people he doesn't like (Hephaestus has had a pie fly into his face as he walked out his front door more then once). These things make it hard to imagine that when someone mentions his lack of eyes he practically falls apart and that he can be just as flattering as he can be spiteful. He can easily compose beautiful poetry (though he rarely does) and tell incredibly imaginative stories (which he does often (mostly excuses or Ghost Stories). He does not play well with others and often ends up alone (Which is sort of his intention in the first place).
Notes: this character appears, as his namesake, in a story called Why Do We Have Eyes ([link]) that I wrote about a year ago. You would think that he would get along well with Hermes since they're both pranksters but actually Momus tortures Hermes endlessly, calling him a “frightened little rabbit” and scaring him at every opportunity.

There we go :aww:

Momus Azeban belongs to *ArgothiaAndKhaos
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